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These are some of the most common questions sent to us, so should cover most of your queries. If you find yourself at a loss still, do contact us anytime for a quick reply.


EPGDirect.com supplies television programming data in xmlepg format. Many televisions, set-top boxes, android apps and other devices are able to receive and update the programme information they display to you when you look at the EPG (Electronic Programme Guide)

We are adding more countries to our service each week, so please keep checking back or Contact Us in case you don't see something on offer. We are currently gathering data on our system from over 8000 channels from over 200 countries.

At the moment we have more manageable size subscriptions, but are looking at offering bigger packages at very reasonable prices, so please keep checking back, or Contact Us.

We do NOT provide any IPTV streams or information on where this is available.

Trials last for 24 hours from when we process your application. Please remember that trial subscriptions can take slightly longer to setup, depending on workload, so are not immediately setup.

Data downloaded will cover between 24 - 30 hours ahead, depending on what is available to us on a rolling basis. You can add-on an option to provide you with upto 7 days of data. This is however not always possible for all channels, and depends on information provided by the channel provider.

Data is individually setup depending on what options you might have chosen to subscribe with. All your channel data is provided in country-specific XMLEPG format file(s) that you need to enter into your device. This helps save bandwidth and makes downloads quicker for you.

You will need to some some work associating each IPTV channel with a particular set of data in the XMLEPG data file. This needs to be done once.

This is not something we offer. Help is usually readily available if you look in the forum/helpdesk for the software you are using to receive your stream/channel.

We do NOT provide recommendations as such. If you are just starting out and would like to research options, then we can say we have tried our service with TiviMate, IPTV Smarters, SMART IPTV, Perfect Player, GSE Smart IPTV, IPTV Extreme.

This will work in any country, as long as your device can accept files in XMLEPG format.

Networks / Usage

Our data is refreshed 2-3 times over a 24 hour period.

You can set your device to fetch data from our service as often as you like, that way any updates are available to your device straightaway.

Yes! Each package stipulates how many individual devices you can use a subscription with. If our system detects you are using your subscription on more devices than your subscription limits allow for, then your services become suspended automatically. There are no refunds in such cases.

You will have to consider having multiple subscriptions with us to cover all your devices for now. We are looking into this currently and hope to offer more devices per account as an upgrade option, so please keep checking back, or Contact Us.

Payments & Refunds

Refunds are usually not possible unless it is a result of a service withdrawal. For this reason you are encouraged to try the trial service before placing your orderso there is no confusion either way. Please remember that if your services are suspended by us due to abuse of our services, then refunds will not be entertained.

Yes Paypal payments are accepted.

Yes. Payment details are provided on checkout for you to make your payment. Do remember to use your Order Reference as your payment reference so we can identify your payment. Please remember that your services will not be started until payment has cleared into our account.

Yes Open Banking payments are accepted via our payment partner - Faizpay. You will see the option during checkout. Most UK banks now support Open Banking payment if you already have your bank app installed and setup on the device your are placing your order with.

You can pay with your Debit or Credit card by choosing to pay via Paypal.

You do NOT need to have an account to pay via Paypal. You can choose to simply use your card details and checkout without setting an account up with Paypal or logging in.

Service abuse comes in various forms. We have automated systems that look for patterns of abuse and disable your account in such cases to make sure our service is available for all our other customers. Examples of abuse are - sharing your details with other users; posting account details online in forums and newsgroups; using the service on more devices than your subscription allows for; signing up for more than one trial using the same/different personal details.

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